Testimonials & Feedback of Guests on Round Peg Podcast

“Through all my years creating and leading businesses around the world in some of the most challenging markets, I have seen many capable executives. Yet I have hardly come across anyone that has Ali’s agility in thinking and in depth strategic orientation.

Being on Ali’s podcast was like a mental triathlon with moments of exhilaration and intrigue. His ability in stretching the boundaries are not limited to thinking or conversations and podcasts but a hallmark of his work in disruption engineering and identifying new strategic constellation, and with human and spiritual centricity in everything he does.”

Tony Bury

Serial & Portfolio Entrepreneur, Member of Global Philanthropists Circle

“According to Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the art of taxation consists of so plucking the goose so as to get the maximum amount of feathers with the minimum amount of hissing. The art of the interviewer for a podcast is not dissimilar: to extract the maximum amount of information form the interviewee without causing any anguish.

Ali Borhani is the master of this technique. His own encyclopedic knowledge of world affairs and his understanding of the person he is interviewing makes him the ideal host, always finding exactly the right probing questions to ask, and never second guessing the answers.”

Sir Graham Boyce

Sr. Advisor to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Sr. Advisor to DLA Piper & Air Products, Former Ambassador & Diplomat, Former Sr. Advisor to Emir of Qatar

“Asking pertinent questions elevating mind and spirit is an art. Ali is a master in the field, his wisdom combines his unrivalled geopolitical experience with business best practices to stretch neurons and provoke “the change from inside out”. Not only an amazing thought provocateur but also as a creative thinker Ali helps in bringing concrete solutions to complex situations”.

Olivier de Richoufftz

Former CEO & President, General Secretary, Business Families Foundation

“Of all the podcast interviews I have done this was by far the best researched and prepared. It was impressive and reassuring to experience this level of meticulous thought and insight.”

Tom Fletcher - CMG

Principle of Hertford College – University of Oxford, Advisor to three UK Prime Ministers (2007-11), UK’s Ambassador to Lebanon (2011-15), Author of The Naked Diplomat: Power and Politics in the Digital Age

“I was a guest on Ali’s podcast, and it was a wonderful experience. Ali was so responsive and well informed, that he led me in some new directions and created an opportunity for us to explore together some important but unexpected areas. He is quick and inviting and creates a wonderful energy in his programs. I’m always ready for another one!”

Dennis Jaffe – PhD

Thought Leader on Cross Generational Family Businesses, Fellow of Smith Family Business Initiative – Cornell University, Faculty Advisory to Ultra High New Worth Institute

“It was a delight to be on Round Peg Podcast with Ali about my biography of Eric Molson, “Back to Beer … and Hockey”. His questions were deep, insightful, probing and covered a range of topics, from the strategic to the more human ones and from many different intriguing angles. Ali is a skilled listener with a keen sense of observation — factors that made our conversation enriching, compelling and fun!”

Helen Antoniou -Molson

Author of Back to Bear & Hockey, Advisor to Family Businesses on Women Empowerment & Governance, Member of 7th Gen Molson Family Business