The Impact on Incumbent “Western” Multinationals
Now & In the Future

For incumbent “Western” multinationals, the rise of Chinese competition is one the fastest-forming corporate headaches across most sectors and countries. The challenge that the rise of Chinese multinationals imposes is particularly visible across emerging markets, especially in those that signed up for the Belt Road Initiative (BRI) or have recently joined BRICS+ or the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

Among other things, our report clarifies how Chinese firms have become such formidable but also abnormal competitors, what Western multinationals can do about it, and what is the future of China and Chinese competition. It includes summaries of formal interviews with senior leaders of 30 large “Western” multinationals, but also insights from hundreds of more informal conversations with our corporate clients over the last decade. The overwhelming conclusion from interviewed executives is that Chinese competition is not normal competition due to persistently lower pricing, which most incumbent multinationals suspect is below production cost.

This Report Answers Many Critical Questions:

  • How can Chinese firms be cheaper than “Western” multinationals while consistently pushing quality higher?
  • What are the main ways Chinese firms “steal” market share from “Western” multinationals? An examination of corporate case studies and lessons learned.
  • How does China finance and politically support the rise of its multinationals across international markets?
  • What can “Western” multinationals do to guard their businesses against Chinese competitors now and in the future?
  • How has China risen economically over the last 45 years – from a poor agro-driven society to today’s superpower,  and how will this rise continue to impact the rise of Chinese multinationals?
  • What is the geopolitical/historical context that has defined and will define the activities of China and Chinese multinationals in the future?
  • How will the rise of BRI, BRICS+, SCO and other initiatives continue to impact the activities of Chinese firms across international markets?
  • What is the future of China, economically and politically, and how will future developments impact the activities of Chinese multinationals?
  • Will Chinese competition be around for a long time, or will it be derailed by internal issues

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