Who are 3Sixty Strategic Advisors?

What: a boutique, nimble & credible strategic advisory firm with solid track record built over 40 years in markets of Middle East & Africa

Expertise: strategic advisory + business development + formulating partnerships and alliances for market entry and growth

How: by listening, challenging, contextualizing, presenting and co-implementing creative scenarios and solutions in the market beyond power-points

Where: Middle East & Africa, Eurasia + Markets Along BRI (Belt Road Initiative)

Why us: we are resourceful, impartial and put our money where our mouth is in tying our remuneration to our client’s success


Selected Past Clients




• Business development, compliant route-to, and appropriate market entry strategies
• Formulating distribution models for MEA markets
• Scenario planning for edge case opportunities & risks for Board of Directors
• Supporting heads of emerging markets in executing projects on the ground in MEA markets
• Providing unparalleled navigation on geo-strategic dynamics
• Counsel on the ‘Emotional and Cultural Quotient’ of the region
• Advisory services for preparatory, entry and post entry to new markets
• Acting and supporting clients as their corporate sherpa

We pride ourselves in providing a “say it like it is” and impartial assessment of business models at both strategic and operational levels that can lead to growth acceleration.

Strategic Alliances

• Mobilising a long-standing and vetted network of relationships on the ground
• Develop and establish innovative-partnerships and structures that can lead to JVs, M&As, and strategic alliances.

We get involved “by putting our money where our mouth is” in tying part of our remuneration and fees to the success of our clients. We have developed a solid track record in shaping coherent and lasting partnerships in some of the most challenging and promising markets.

CEOs Sparring Partner

Many CEOs are strategically fatigued; find themselves in silos being gazed from outside, under-pressure by their board of directors, growingly vocal employees, and demanding shareholders and in many cases family members.

This can lead to what we call Growth Atrophy Syndrome (GAS). Ironically a lot of CEOs are like boilers bound to explode. The inability to vent, and to share their challenges and trepidation in a non-judgemental and receptive context is a major concern.

We provide impartial, independent, conflict-free counsel and advice through the thick-and-thin to steer and foster new thinking. Supporting Sr. Leaders within discreet and safe spaces, as a sparring partner, at their own pace to re-align their tactical stakeholder engagements and to rejuvenate their strategic creativity for growth acceleration.

Media & Speaking

Keynote speaking, moderating panels on the back of a long list of impactful talks, engagements and contribution to some of the most sought after industry events, forums and business gatherings.

Production and delivery of innovative content (podcasts) that inspire, engage, and steer thinking and dialogue within and beyond client organisations.


BRI: Belt Road Initiative


Ali Borhani

Ali is the Managing Director of 3Sixty Strategic Advisors. He is an emerging markets geo-economic and strategy expert. His many years of experience have been developed and strengthened by helping blue-chip companies, MNCs (multi-nationals) and family businesses in some of the most challenging markets.

Helping clients to formulate route to and market entry models, growth acceleration strategies and also supporting them to successfully execute these strategies on the ground. One of his unique abilities is in translating complex issues to simple scenarios. His peers and mentors consider him a natural storyteller with a strategic foresight that has lead to successful partnership and strategic alliances.

He is an Expert in Residence of Business Families Foundation and also mentors budding entrepreneurs through Mowgli Foundation. Ali is regularly invited to speak at large-scale conferences, and also expert forums to share his views on panels on international business affairs and geo-strategy MEA and BRI.


Clients & Sectors

We work with leading multi-nationals + family-businesses/offices, medium-size enterprises + private equity firms.

Being a sector agnostic advisory firm, many of our past clients come from FMCG, Industrial, Real Estate, and Hotel & Hospitality, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical sectors.


Advisory Board

Providing world-class advice by receiving real-life, market specific, sector focused, globally pivoted and relevant advice from our advisory board. We don’t have the resources of the Big 5 but we are extremely resourceful.

Tony Bury

Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Tony Bury grew up in an area which borders Southern Africa’s most beautiful National Parks. As a result, Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book, the story of Mowgli and the lessons he learnt from his animal mentors, has resonated with him throughout his life.

Tony is a serial entrepreneur, having established 18 start ups in his career. Having exited from the majority of these businesses, he maintains private equity shareholdings in a range of businesses; consultancy, energy, trading, engineering and industrial services.

Tony’s first charitable organisation, the Mowgli Foundation, was born in 2008 from a strong conviction that entrepreneurs the world over should have access to the support that he believes helped him succeed – the mentoring which he received throughout his business and personal life.

These entrepreneurs will make a significant economic impact including providing employment, and strengthening the voice of entrepreneurs in civil society for sustainable social development. Furthermore his vision is that Mowgli’s mentors will make a significant difference to their communities, by putting mentoring at the centre of their personal and leadership development.

Thierry Malleret

Thierry is the managing partner of the Monthly Barometer – a succinct predictive analysis provided to private investors, global CEOs and some of today’s most influential opinion and decision-makers. He and his partners also invest in adjacent businesses and run the Summit of Minds. He was until 2011 a senior partner at IJ (Informed Judgement) Partners, an investment boutique for ultra-high-net-worth individuals based in Geneva, and prior to that managing partner at Rainbow Insight, an advisory boutique which he founded, providing tailor-made intelligence to investors.

Previously, Thierry founded and headed the Global Risk Network at the World Economic Forum, a network that brings together top opinion and policymakers, CEOs and academics to look at how global issues will affect business and society in the short and long term. For a number of years in succession, Thierry conceived and put in place the programme for Davos and spoke at global, industry and regional events.

His other professional experience includes: investment banking (as a Chief Economist and Strategist of a major Russian investment bank and as an Economist at the EBRD in London), think tanks and academia (both in New York and Oxford) and government (with a three-year spell in the Prime Minister’s office in Paris).

Thierry has written several business and academic books, and has published four novels (two of which under a pen-name). In addition, he is a public speaker with some of the world’s leading agencies. He also sits on several advisory boards. He was educated at the Sorbonne and Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris and at St. Antony’s College, Oxford. He holds two MAs (in Economics and History) and a PhD in Economics. With his English wife Thierry has four daughters.

Hartmut Reinke

Hartmut is the Former Director, Middle East, Turkey and Central Asia, and Africa, for DuPont and spends his time between Germany and The UAE.

He joined DuPont in 1985 and has held various regional and global management positions in Product Management, R&D, Sales, Marketing, and Administration and has played a key role in spearheading strategic growth of DuPont for developing countries out of Germany, France, USA, Switzerland, and UAE.

He brings in a wealth of experience, served first as Director for the DuPont Agriculture Business and later for the entire business interest of the DuPont Corporation in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa for more than fifteen years.

His studies were in Agriculture Engineering; Master’s, University of Kiel, Germany and goes without saying that as a German he brings a stellar discipline and precision to all his engagements.

He is married and proud father of 3 successful young men, an avid sailor and a globally respected business leader. Now, after retirement at DuPont, engaged in advisory roles and as President of Iuventus Academiae Holsatorum e.V. working with Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel to identify, acknowledge and honor outstanding students.



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Intro to Round Peg podcast

The growing and widening holes in our world whether climatic, commercial, conflicting, some continental or simply in fabric of our communities and citizenry, these holes present intricate gaps and complexities that can’t be solved or closed by the old pegs.

At Round Peg, we focus on the wisdom of circular contemplation to constructively challenge your thinking and to crystallize your optics. No idea is too crazy, no dialogue too controversial.

Join us in discussion with the world-renowned entrepreneurs, policy makers, movers and shakers who care. Our guests are real, revealing and reliable.

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